Welcome Eric Baum: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Composition

Eric Baum is an accomplished composer. As a versatile musician, Eric performs and instructs on drums, bass, guitar, and piano in many styles of music, including classical, jazz, funk, and rock.  He is also fluent in a range of professional industry software for music production.  He uses Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, GarageBand, and Maschine to teach students songwriting and recording techniques for all genres including EDM and Hip Hop.

 Eric studied music and digital arts at Stetson Universitys renowned School of Music. As a kid, he was a student at Yancey Music Center, where he developed his love of music. Following his passion to write music and innovate audio technology, Eric co-founded Audio Skyway, a music composition company where he combines elements of classical music theory with modern electronic sound design and production techniques to write music for TV, Film, and Video Games.  His music has been featured in the award-winning film The Little Firemen and on major networks including PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, and the E! Network.

 *** Lesson Details ***

Eric is currently accepting new student on Tuesdays

All lessons are personalized to the unique needs of the student. Erics lessons won’t merely teach you musical theories: you will learn how to express yourself through your instrument as you learn those theories. You will also gain technical knowledge and the tools to experience your musical potential. Learning to play the songs you love is just the beginning.  Music is about becoming more confident with yourself and developing character along the way. You will learn about the discipline, patience, and dedication that it takes to stand out among professionalsnot just as a musician, but as a strong individual. What you play becomes an extension of yourself. From beginner or experienced, hobbyist or professional, every person has a place in the wonderful world of music!

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