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Yancey Music inc., is a full-line music store and we have a warehouse full of merchandise as well. In other words, we handle nearly every musical instrument and accessory you can imagine. We have amplifiers, mixers, drum machines, drums, drumsticks, stands, stools, thrones, cymbals, guitars, guitar strings, tuners, gadgets, speakers, keyboards, brass and woodwind instruments of every size and shape imaginable.

To list every item, (make-model-and-brand) we sell, might cause this web site to grow to monumental proportions.

Let's face it! You know what you are looking for, already. You are price checking. You are looking for the BEST online bargain prices, from the most reliable and trusted online dealers.

You have found what you are looking for!

YES WE DISCOUNT! We usually discount 30% OR MORE for online orders, (if your order is sizable enough to make it worth our time and trouble).

We monitor our e-mail inbox 24/7/365! You will most likely get a reply within an hour or two. Yes, even when the store is closed. We check the e-mail night and day, 7 days per week.

Simply e-mail us and tell us where you are, so we can figure shipping costs and applicable taxes, (if any). Then, tell us the item (brand, make and/or model) you are looking for.

A 10-minute e-mail may save you several hundred dollars, and you won't even need to leave the house! You'll certainly receive a direct-quote, (via e-mail) within 24 hours or less.

We like to say that we will match any advertised online price on any item. Plus we often offer 'incentive bonuses' that will swing the competitive tide, in our favor. We want your business, and we will compete to get it!

OVERSEAS ORDERS: It will be wise to check with the CUSTOMS AGENTS in your particular country as to what the duty-fees will be. If you live in Argentina for example, the duty-fees can often exceed the price the product you are buying.

Here is a partial line-up of some of the products we carry.

E-mail (Brad Nicholson-SALES): yabradley43@gmail.com

E-mail (Mike Markowski-SALES): ymcmike@gmail.com

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