Our Teachers

Eric Baum: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Composition- Beginner to Advanced

Eric is an accomplished composer. As a versatile musician, Eric performs and instructs on drums, bass, guitar, and piano in many styles of music, including classical, jazz, funk, and rock.  He is also fluent in a range of professional industry software for music production.  He uses Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, GarageBand, and Maschine to teach students songwriting and recording techniques for all genres including EDM and Hip Hop.

 Eric studied music and digital arts at Stetson Universitys renowned School of Music. As a kid, he was a student at Yancey Music Center, where he developed his love of music. Following his passion to write music and innovate audio technology, Eric co-founded Audio Skyway, a music composition company where he combines elements of classical music theory with modern electronic sound design and production techniques to write music for TV, Film, and Video Games.  His music has been featured in the award-winning film The Little Firemen and on major networks including PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, and the E! Network.

 *** Lesson Details ***

All lessons are personalized to the unique needs of the student. Erics lessons won’t merely teach you musical theories: you will learn how to express yourself through your instrument as you learn those theories. You will also gain technical knowledge and the tools to experience your musical potential. Learning to play the songs you love is just the beginning.  Music is about becoming more confident with yourself and developing character along the way. You will learn about the discipline, patience, and dedication that it takes to stand out among professionalsnot just as a musician, but as a strong individual. What you play becomes an extension of yourself. From beginner or experienced, hobbyist or professional, every person has a place in the wonderful world of music! 

Eric is currently accepting new students on Tuesdays

Julie Snell: Vocal Instructor-Beginner to Advanced

With a lifelong passion for singing, Julie Snell joins Yancey Music Center with a myriad of experience. Julie studied voice and music with Professor Robert Holiquist at Western Carolina University, where she also studied with Joyce Farwell. Her professional experience includes commercial work with Rudy Ward Productions in Atlanta Georgia, and the Young Artist Opera Theater in North Carolina. Julie also previously served as the youth music teacher at Greensboro Baptist Church. She describes herself as a teacher that wants her students to enjoy their time studying voice and achieve their personal best. Along with a four octave voice, Julie brings her enthusiasm to Yancey Music Center for teaching students of all ages. Julie is accepting new students on Wednesdays.

Zoriy Zinger: Violin-Beginner to Advanced 

Zoriy Zinger, a violinist, began his music career at the age of six when he entered the first of the distinguished Russian Kazan Musical Schools.  Continuing on to Kazan College, he obtained his Master degree of Art in music in the Kazan Conservatory.  He became an accomplished violin player.  His talent led him to a teaching position at Kazan College where he taught the violin to students of all ages.  He obtained his diploma as a soloist of Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra at Kazan State Conservatory in 1981.

Throughout his education he pursued a career as a violinist and played with the College Chamber Ensemble, and with the Conservatory Chamber Orchestra.  From 1980 to 1992, Zoriy was the Assistant Concertmaster (II violins) for the Tatarstan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.

In 1993, Zoriy moved to New York.  After enjoying many active years as a performer in orchestras and chamber groups, Zoriy joined an ensemble group, the“Empyreal String Quartet”.  Due to their rigorous training and uncompromising professionalism they became one of the most polished and versatile performing groups in the New York Area.  Performing over 200 times a year, the Quartet was managed by Steven Scott Productions, a well-known New York Entertainment Agency.  They were in great demand for public and private events.  They played such prestigious events as the Metropolitan Museum for the Grand Opening of theFaberge Collection, Lincoln Center, and the Museum of Modern Art for the 100thAnniversary of New York Times Magazine. They were also featured at Gracie Mansion for the 1997 National Mayors’ Conference, and have made appearances onABC’s Regis and Kathie Lee show.  CBS, ABC and Russian Radio all aired programs devoted to the Ensemble.

In 2000 Zoriy decided to leave the Ensemble to pursue an independent career.  He performed during a Ricky Martin concert in Madison Square Gardens, and had an opportunity to perform at the Russian Tea Room for the New Year’s Eve.  Also he was invited to Channel 11’s “Inside Edition” for their special “Weddings”programs.  In 2000 he performed for the New Jersey Lottery celebrating 30 years with such greats as Ray Charles and the Orchestra and Chorus of St. Peter by the Sea, Rev. Alphonse Stephenson, Director.

Now he continues his successful career in Florida. He has a big experience of playing in-groups as well as a soloist and a strolling violinist, and is available for public and private functions.  His extensive repertoire of music encompasses a wide variety of music styles, including classical, jazz, contemporary, Broadway,  American standard, Gypsy, Italian, Irish, Latin and many others.

Pat D’Aguanno: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet & Trombone Improvisation

Pat D’Aguanno has been passing on his musical knowledge since high school days giving private lessons in New York and Florida (Yancey’s Music Center since March, 2003) as well as being past Band Director at schools such as St. Brendan’s School, Ormond Beach and Basilica School of St. Paul, Daytona Beach.

Pat’s students are given a classical foundation regardless of what their musical interest is.  They are taught correct breathing methods, proper tone production, rhythm, scales, chords, music theory, care of instruments, how to get the most out of their practice sessions.  Instruction is individualized to each student’s ability.  Different study materials are utilized for each student including play-along CD’s to supplement their lesson books.  He is currently accepting students from grade three and up including adults, all styles–classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, show tunes, improvisation, and music theory.

Pat D’Aguanno is a professional musician exciting audiences in New York and Florida. Educated at Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts, Pat leads his jazz groups and dance bands as well as performing as guest artist and studio musician. Pat currently leads his band, Duplicity.  Pat has performed with many artists including Lady of Song, Linda Cole, Myles Savage of the Platters, Herbert Rawlings Jr. of the Las Vegas Rat Pack, Blues Artist Floyd Miles, Jazz Vocalist Toni Bishop.  Pat has also performed on cruise ships and in classical orchestras. Pat teaches Monday and Saturday.

If you would like to attend one of Pat’s performances, his website is www.patdaguanno.com

Marian De Vore: Keyboard and Piano

Marian’s students range from all skill levels and ages. From beginner to advanced students, she is able to cater lessons to all styles of music, from Jazz/Blues, Boogie, Pop, Classical, and Gospel. Students may prefer to learn their favorite personal songs or seasonal holiday songs as well.

With a strong background in music theory, Marian’s students will focus on reading skills, improvisation, and left hand chords/right hand melodies. Peripheral skills can also be taught upon request; these skills include choir directing, bell choir directing, composing, manuscript writing (actual notation), harmonies, vocal accompanying, and college prep.

Lessons can be personalized especially for each individual’s level of ability and for his or her personal goals. With thorough experience in piano instruction for children, Marian pays special attention to communication with parents. This enforces the student’s goal progress, practice outlines, and incentives. In addition, Marian encourages parents to record their child’s lesson as a practice aid for home.  Lastly, Marian supports performance etiquette and skills by hosting student concerts throughout the year for families to share their child’s progress and talent. Mairian teaches Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Roy Manghise: Guitar

With many years experience in all styles, Roy is an extraordinary guitarist. Originally a New York native, he learned the art of guitar from a teacher who worked with revered Joe Pass, and has become a virtual master of the Joe Pass style of guitar instruction.

Besides his many talents as a teacher, he is also a seasoned veteran performer. Roy has played in many bands on Long Island and in New York City, including gigs at the highly esteemed CBGBs.  During those years he and his bands opened onstage with legendary artists like Jose Feliciano, Eric Carmen, The Drifters, and many other famous entertainers.

Roy moved to Florida in 1984 and has taught guitar at many of this area’s finest studios.  You will learn all music styles from rock to blues to jazz, even fingerpicking in accordance with your own musical tastes and inclinations.  You’ll be playing and jamming songs shortly and as you progress you will be playing all the songs that you grew up with and love.

You will enjoy studying all aspects of the guitar, including ear training, reading, tuning, and minor repairs. The goal is for you to have a ton of fun as you master the instrument. Roy can accommodate any age group and has lessons available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Mike O’Brien: Guitar and Bass

Mike O’Brien has been cultivating a true passion for the guitar for over 20 years and has become versed in many styles. He began teaching at Yancey Music Center in 2004 and has also gained a positive following in Ormond Beach co-teaching a Middle School guitar class at St. James Episcopal School.

Having earned an AA Degree in Music, Mike is very dedicated to proper learning styles and understanding of the instrument. In addition to teaching to ‘read’ music and the basics of music theory, Mike is very supportive of tailoring the student in the direction and style they wish to play.

With a strong passion for Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Reggae, and Country, Mike’s truest talent shines in his improvisational techniques. He has played hundreds of live concerts and currently has his own band called theMike O’Brien Band. Mike is one of our most exceptional guitar instructors. He is available to teach Monday thru Thursday and accepts students of all ages.

Bill Powelson: Percussion

With 50+ years of professional drumming experience, and 48+ years teaching, Bill’s objective is to have fun while mastering the art and science of drumming. He prefers teaching methods that cut through the confusion in a practical, yet thorough way. Bill believes if the student can discover the joys of playing along with music early on, the complexities of theory and technique development will become much easier to digest. Therefore, he wants beginning students to learn their favorite music, hence making reading music notation fun and natural. Technique and theory can be easy and fun if you understand how they apply to the music that you love. For more proficient students, he offers advice from his own professional music career, such as securing performance opportunities in public.

Bill’s students will learn to play all music styles and genres, from Reggae, Latin, Punk, Swing, Blues, Waltz, Rock, and more. Bill’s students are of all ages & he is available to schedule lessons Monday through Saturday, after 3 PM.

Daniel Yancey: Guitar, Drums, Bass, Ukulele

Growing up surrounded by music has instilled in Daniel a passion for instruction to all ages. He has had great results from children as young as four. Daniel’s adult students have found music lessons to be a productive creative outlet–a welcome break from their weekly schedule. His goal is to share with others his love of playing music, from learning your favorite songs to writing original compositions.

Daniel Yancey’s main instrumental focus includes guitar, drums, bass, and ukulele. Genres are broad, and his strengths include funk, surf rock, jazz, rock, blues, swing and reggae. His favorite artists to teach include: The Beatles, The Ventures, Nirvana, Weezer, The Meters, James Brown, Al Green, Beastie Boys, Tool, The Stray Cats, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Daniel also uses current popular songs as teaching aids to inspire students. For the experienced student, he can assist with all aspects of song writing and arranging. This may include music theory, transcribing, reading chord charts, tablature, and scales. Daniel’s spacious studio at Yancey Music Center can accommodate any level of interest.

Daniel’s central location in Volusia County makes it easy for him to bring his music resources to you. His services include drum set tuning (and initial set up), drum maintenance, guitar maintenance, tuning, and string changing. In addition, Daniel coordinates the student concerts throughout the year, ensuring each of his students has the opportunity to take part in performing the skills they have mastered, sharing them with friends and family. Daniel teaches Monday thru Friday and is currently full to capacity. If you are interested in scheduling a lesson with Daniel we have a waiting list available.

Paul Zerra: Piano, Organ, Keyboards

Paul plays Old-Fashioned Classical Blues, 1940’s era piano Boogie-Woogie, and selected Classical piano pieces, including Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and a few others, plus the Gospel genre.

Paul is also the piano and Hammond Organ player with the Joe ‘Survival’ Caruso and the Boogie-Woogie Boo-fay Blues Band.

The Boogie-Woogie Boo-fay Blues Band is a versatile, intensely swinging, primarily Old-School Blues Band that appears at many top venues, including B.B. King’s Blues Club, The House of Blues, Hard Rock Live, plus an array of blues clubs and roadside juke joints. It is led by New Orleans native Bluesman Joe ‘Survival’ Caruso. Paul’s first gig playing Blues was back in 1973 throughout New England with the “Ed Vadas Big City Blues Band” led by larger-than-life Bluesman ‘Vast’ Ed Vadas. Paul teaches Monday thru Friday. He has Friday mornings reserved for Adult students starting at 10:00 am.